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Riverstown, Ardee, Co. Louth


Philip Halpenny Limited is an agricultural merchants business located in Ardee, Co Louth. Our store offers customers a wide range of products primarily for farming and other services including equestrian, poultry and other pets.

Our primary area is Tillage/Grassland Management and we offer expertise and advice in this area. We are also renowned for our animal feed expertise nationwide with our brand recognized from North to South. We offer excellent advise in lawn management and a whole range of products for weed control. We stock a full range of animal feed from Red Mills, Corby Rock and many others. 
 We stock a full range of general and specialized dog food. We also stock livestock feeders and drinkers, gates and other farming hardware products.

Our agriculture feeds include wheat, barley, oats, oilseedrape, beans and more.

  • All our products are available in bulk, bulk bags or 40kg bags. The products are also available as rolled or as whole. 
  • Large stockists of equine/beef/dairy/calves/sheep/poultry. 

Our brand include our own Hi Energy Ration in  bulk, bulk bags and 40kg bags. Other brands include Connolly's Red Mills, Corby Rock mills, McAuleys feed, Interchem Pro Calf Milk Replacer, Greenvale and many more. There is also stockists of supplements available which include BLF nutrition organic seaweed mineral blocks, seaweed meal, Himalayan rock salt, uniblock lick buckets, David Taylor minerals 25kg bags. Other feeds available include Connolly's Red Mills dog food and any straight feeding stuffs for the enhancement of animal development.




Stockists of all baling requirements as well as various silage pit covers and different brands of rat poison.

The bailing products available are:

  • Farmers 7,200 ft big balers twine,
  • Tama 22,300 ft balers twine
  • Novadex 12,000 ft small square baling twine.
  • Other products available include Tama edge to edge 3600m bale netting and Visqueen 500 gauge plastic bale wrap    (5 ply). Also in stock is 500 gauge green plastic bale wrap (5 ply).


There is various sizes of silage pit covers(visqueen). The sizes available are:

  • 24 x 75 ft,
  • 36 x 75 ft,
  • 42 x 75 ft,
  • 46 x 80 ft,
  • 52 x 80 ft,
  • 60 x 80 ft,
  • 60 x 100 ft,
  • 60 x 120 ft.
  • Other products in stock are bales of shavings (Green bales) 23kg and different brands of rat poison.

All our products can be seen in the shop section.

Our chemicals in stock are:

Any product range available with leading brands. 

Home Care & Garden Products

There are many home care and garden products available in our store which are listed below:

  • Sulphate of iron 25kg.
  • AICL 15kg landscaper pro lawn feed Spring & Summer.
  • AICL 15kg/25kg landscaper feed,weed and moss killer.
  • 50kg slow release N,P,K fertilizer
  • Lawn weedkiller(liquids) available in many sizes and quantities.
  • .Moss + Algae cleaner. 
  • MMC Pro moss + Algae cleaner.
  • Armillatox outdoor cleaner.
  • Dicophar lawn weedkiller.
  • Blight sprays for your home grown potatoes or veg. 

Think quality! Our goal is customer satisfaction.

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Our storage space is vast with various sheds available including a weighbridge system with up to date software.

We have large volumes concrete areas in our yard with a number of handlers available for bulk or palletised goods. There is also a CCTV monitored system in our yard to keep track of everything. We are located between Dublin and Belfast so it is perfect for transporting goods. Logistics provided if needed (Delivery service).